1. fifthand's Avatar
    Just got the Bold today. So far so good on .282. First thing I've noticed is the unit is pretty freaking warm in 3G. I switched to 2G only and it cooled down fast. I remember reading that some felt the battery would get taxed hard if the 3G reception wasn't high enough or "optimal". The 3G reception was reading 70%. Is there a way to allow 3G only if the reception is at a certain level? Perhaps, for example, running in forced 2G if 3G reception drops below 80%? Third party app? I lucked out with my home router on the WiFi; I get solid white. Thanks in advance.
    07-06-09 06:29 PM
  2. trixnrice's Avatar
    are u referring to the bar strength? full bars (5) is equilient to -70 dbm, which is a very good signal. but if ur talkn bout about bar strength by perecentage of bars, well then 70% and 80% bar strength isn't that bad. in terms of third party apps, i have not heard or seen any that allow you to adjust the signal strength at which the automatic switch mode will switch you to 2g. there prolly is or will be some program out there for this. gl.
    07-06-09 07:59 PM