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    Hello, I am trying to buy a app via the blackberry world app & also i've went onto the website and tried this, the website gives me this error "BlackBerry World was unable to connect using the WAP browser on your device. Please ensure your configuration is correct. (EC )"

    I went to service book, WAP & WAP2 were not there so i registered my device with the network and they both showed up, i then pulled battery and re-started my device, but i am still unable to buy the APP and it gives me the same error.

    I am with Bell in Canada, I do have "Bill to account" activated and it is my only payment option.

    Also i do not have a data plan but the wifi has always worked and still works properly, i am just unable to buy a APP, anyone have any ideals?

    In service book it shows:

    WAP BrowserConfig [BrowserConfig]

    I click on that and it shows:

    Record Type - Active (Unchangable/Unhighlighted)
    Name: WAP BrowserConfig
    UID: WAP BrowserConfig
    CID: BrowserConfig

    User ID: -1

    Gateway IP: //***.**.**.***:*****;*****/ <---- I Have blocked the numbers for security
    Description: WAP Browser

    Service Type: Not Specified
    Service Sub-Type: Not Specified

    Also in Service book it shows:

    WAP2 Transport [WPTCP]

    I click on that it shows:

    Record Type: Active (Unchangable/Un-highlighted)

    Name: WAP2 Transport
    UID: WAP2 trans

    User ID: -1

    Gateway IP: //;0/pda.bell.ca/GPAK
    Description: WAP2.0 transport service book

    Service Type: Not specified
    Service Sub-Type: Not Specified

    I hope that that information is required because that was annoying to type out, THANKS in advanced for anyone who can help!
    02-07-14 01:49 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry! There is no way to buy apps without any BlackBerry Internet Service on your device. Purchases requires BBID which comes with BIS on BBOS devices.
    02-09-14 10:54 PM

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