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    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of buying my first smart phone, and considering Black berry 9000. Before I do that, I need to know if I will be able to switch between 2 networks as I am used to doing with my old phone.

    I live in Dubai, and travel sometimes to Pakistan. While travelling, I usually switch to a local Pakistan sim, and that's what I still would like to do, to avoid roaming charges. However, I realized recently that there is a concept of "locked for network" in BB devices, and that I must have an unlock code to get the device to work on a different carrier. I also understand that there is a limited number of unlocking attempts that these devices allow.

    The question I have is, do I need to unlock everytime I switch sims, or, will I have to unlock the device just once, and after that can switch sims any number of times without problem? If the former is true, then does that mean that after changing the sim a few times, I will eventually no longer be able to switch the sims when travelling? If so, I'd be better off choosing something other than BB. If the latter is true, is the switching smooth or should I expect to be troubleshooting everytime?

    I would appreciate very much any helpful suggestions. Sorry if I appear a bit ignorant of something obvious here, but this is my first attempt at using a smartphone. : )
    08-21-11 03:00 PM
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    Hey, if you unlock your blackberry bold 9000 once, that's all you need to do. Then you can switch between as many sim cards as you want. (what unlocking attempt means is that if you try to enter 10 unlock codes and 10 dont work, then the phone gets permanently locked to a carrier, but if you enter the correct unlock code before the 10 times i believe then your safe to use the blackberry anywhere around the world.) good luck with your purchase
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    08-21-11 03:49 PM