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    I am looking at the Bold as my next purchase. I use the phone for everything i.e.calls, calendar, web, email etc.

    It is for my own personal use not company although if I can get the blackberry service for free as part of the contract then I will look at getting my company emails sent to me.

    I have noticed a couple of complaints re the bold which I hope some people can comment on.

    1. Browser is slow
    2. Push E-mail is not that responsive
    3. Roller ball gets stuck (this I have seen on other blackberry's using the same ball as the bold)
    4. Streaming videos not that responsive

    Could anybody who have actually used the bold comment on these points.

    Your help gratefully received.


    10-07-08 01:32 AM
  2. Noodleduece's Avatar
    get the curve...you dont like...get the bold...you dont like...get a razr
    10-07-08 02:59 AM
  3. Cocotaso's Avatar
    I owned Motorola V300 / V600, Sony Ericsson W800i / Palm Treo 650 / and now Blackberry Bold.

    The Bold has pleasured me completely! :P

    I am thinking of breaking my Treo 650 and getting a brand new one..i don't think the Treo 650 is now available for Rogers, so they will have to give me a newer phone. It has warranty until Sept 2009. Ok i'm getting of topic.

    10-07-08 03:33 AM
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    Well im soon coming up to that time again when I am going to decide on a new phone and im really struggling to stay with blackberry for the following reasons. I want to be able to contact my family using Skype (as video not available on bbm yet) on playbook and watch Netflix on any device. I love the 9900 and the Playbook but if the playbook will not support Skype or bbm video or Netflix in the future I am left with possibly using a q10 device for these, and much as I love the qwerty keyboard I am struggling with the idea of the screen size being too small. I have to be honest and say im looking at the Samsung note 3 to be a phone and a tablet. This leaves me with the other option of the z30 which looks a great device but im not sure if its good enough. any thoughts gentlemen as to wether we think blackberry will resolve some of these problems in the future, ie Skype for playbook, bbm video for playbook, Netflix for playbook, larger screen qwerty device?????
    11-10-13 01:30 AM
  5. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Wow, about 5 years later and you come back to the same topic to get an answer? That's awesome!

    Anyways, I think you should get the Z30 if you want a BlackBerry for media consumption. I've heard many people on the forums who have been pleased with it. With BlackBerry's new 10.2.1, you can install a slew of Android apps. CrackBerry has a tutorial on how to install Netflix that came out recently.

    As for the PlayBook, I don't think you can get the apps you want. The device is over 2 years old and will not be receiving any more major updates, and app support is only going to get even worse than it already is.

    Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is by no means a bad device (or at least I have nothing against it- I haven't used one or heard any stories about it). If you think that's best for you, then go for it!

    Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10
    02-02-14 10:20 PM