08-29-11 04:32 PM
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  1. DannyAves's Avatar
    Just went on the Walmart Wireless page and guess what is now popped up under the T-Mobile section!

    BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 (T-Mobile) | LetsTalk.com

    Prices are as follow:
    New 2-Year Service Agreement: $119.99
    2-Year Contract Renewal: $314.99
    Phone Only Price: $549.99

    Screengrabs for those who don't want to click the link

    New Service Agreement

    2-Year Renewal

    Phone Only
    Went and put in my zip code and it showed the following prices:
    New contract - $194.99
    2 Year renewal - $389.99
    Phone only - $649.99

    If this is an indication of T-mobile pricing I think I will wait.
    08-29-11 04:12 PM
  2. olblueyez's Avatar
    when u sign a contract u sign it with Tmobile, Att, Verizon etc....... letstalk is just a reseller they have nothing to do with you tmobile contract, just dumped att and bought 2 9900's for 240 plus we get the best hspa+, good luck waiting for att to release it in november probably at SMH......
    You are wrong.

    Bold 9000 & Tapatalk
    08-29-11 04:32 PM
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