1. 7thedon7's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I'm new here, so first of all my greetings to all of you. Its quite impressive the amount of info I was able to get a hold of around here. Congrats and I hope Ill be able to give some input since i'm going to get a 9780 this December.
    This is going to be my first BB and honestly i'm very excited about the switch. My contract expires by the end of this year and my carrier will give me a Bold 9780, which is the best one of the BB family that I can get for my contract.
    Have been surfing the net these last couple of days and to be honest, this is the place where I could get my mind made up: 9780 it is.
    On the other side, one thing that got me worried is the fact that I saw many complaints about the keyboard stuttering. Guess I'll just have to cross my fingers 'cause i'm simply in love with this phone.

    I'll keep checking CB for some info every now and then, and try to keep updated so that when I get my hands on my Bold I'll be ready the suck the life out of it.

    Regards and keep up the good work.

    PS-I'm from Mozambique, Africa.
    08-09-11 08:13 AM
  2. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Hopefully, by then they may have OS7 devices to offer you. Even better than the 9780!
    08-09-11 08:24 AM
  3. 7thedon7's Avatar
    Hopefully, by then they may have OS7 devices to offer you. Even better than the 9780!
    You're making it seem so faaaaaaar awaaaaaaaay....hehehe
    I doubt they will have it by then...This is Africa mate.
    08-09-11 08:41 AM
  4. 7thedon7's Avatar
    Out of curiosity: will my 8GB MicroSDHC Class 4 work on the 9780?
    08-09-11 09:48 AM
  5. GeorgeRussos's Avatar
    Of course it will!
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    08-09-11 03:56 PM
  6. indie_user's Avatar
    i just bought 9780 and it is AWESOME!!! also just installed Bold 9780 MaxHybrid V10.5 [.650 Full Java]
    08-12-11 08:01 AM
  7. laurah2215's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! Lots of folks around here who can help answer your questions. If you have an issues, it's a good idea to check out the BlackBerry Help tab because there are lots of useful articles there.
    08-12-11 09:21 AM