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    Has anyone managed to configure the VPN to connect to work?
    Can someone confirm me that it is possible to connect to vpn over wifi?
    Is it require to be connect through BES to get VPN?

    My company uses RSA tokens with CISCO 3000 series concentrator

    I created a profile but i dont know where to enter my pass+token and when i try to login i get
    "Profile missing or not defined"

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    08-28-08 06:30 PM
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    just to let you all know someone gave me the solution (if someone else ever encounters this problem) Here it is:

    Once the VPN profile is created and once your Wifi profile is created what you need to do for the VPN to actually try to connect is assosiate the VPN profile to your wifi profile by going to :
    options->Wifi Connections->Highlight the wifi profile->Blackberry button->Edit

    In the wifi configs at the bottom there is an option "VPN" and you need to select your VPN profile that you created.

    After doing that and going back to the VPN profile page when I press login, it worked.

    Here is a technical PDF from RIM providing alot of details about the VPN setup
    09-04-08 10:09 PM