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    I tried doing a search for this, but couldn't find it being discussed yet. I'm wondering if anyone else with a 9930 has noticed the volume down key to be fairly close to flush and angled more towards the metal band, while the mute and volume up keys are raised higher.

    I brought this to the attention of the salesperson at Verizon and the floor model seemed to be the same way...seems like it has to be wrong though. Maybe not, but anyone else notice this?

    Thanks...otherwise love this phone the first few hours I've had it!!!
    09-01-11 11:11 AM
  2. LOADSABEER's Avatar
    Mine is exactly the same as you describe. It doesn't really bother me though.
    The 3 or 4 9900s I have seen have all had the same issue.

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    09-01-11 12:03 PM
  3. Sharma15's Avatar
    Are the buttons not working properly? If they are working, I don't see the problem here...

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    09-01-11 12:20 PM
  4. yankeed1's Avatar
    I noticed that on mine also. It was sent back for something else, and I'm waiting on a replacement coming tomorrow. I saw mine and thought maybe it was just mine, and from causing it from squeezing the otterbox on or something. When I get the new one, I'll repost whether that one's the same. Though sounds like it will be from these other posts.
    09-02-11 12:31 AM
  5. lzeng's Avatar
    its the samething for me but honestly its not even broken so im not gonna bother exchanging for another bold
    09-02-11 12:37 AM
  6. gwzach's Avatar
    I don't see exactly what the OP describes on mine. Instead (which may be the same thing), the overall shape of the three keys makes a kind of very flattened "U", with the top key angling up toward the top of the phone, the bottom on up toward the bottom, and the middle one flat. I think that this is a deliberate design feature. The three key unit can work something like a rocker switch, allowing you to "feel" easily where to push the "up" volume (the high place on the uppermost key) or the "down" volume (the lowest place on the lowermost key). Mute is in the middle.
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    09-05-11 03:47 PM
  7. mhw100's Avatar
    If any of the keys are below the metal trim and you can't access them there might be a problem otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.

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    09-05-11 04:22 PM
  8. o4liberty's Avatar
    Mine look even nothing like you describe.

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    09-05-11 05:26 PM