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    i received many bb messeges talkin about this ..

    a voice note that freezes the blackberry when opened and it can be sent on bbm

    i wasnt sure about it .. but now i got it and tried it .. and it worked !

    when u open it .. ur blackberry freezes and restarts

    they have to fix this thing

    or bbm will suck big time ! and no one will trust voice notes

    pin : removed

    add me and try it

    i hope CB admins talks about it so rim can fix this on their next os upgrade
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    07-06-09 05:09 PM
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    07-06-09 05:11 PM
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    yeh .. i was askin about it and now i've got it ...

    and i think the mod changed the Subject of my thread .. which made it like .. hmm .. a problems just on my bold ..

    it works on every bb device
    07-06-09 05:17 PM