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    I purchased a Blackberry Bold from Vodafone Store in Kolkata, India on 27th October 2008. Within 6 months the steel frame of the facia started rusting. I took it to the Vodafone store and learnt that facia is not covered under warranty. Soon after, the trackball started to stall. I was advised by helpline to re-boot the instrument to restore trackball movement.. The phone used hang frequently and had to be re-booted. On 20th of October the trackball stopped moving downwards and re-booting did not help.

    On the 24th October 2009, I produced the purchase bills and demanded a new replacement under warranty but was told that Vodafone Store could only register complaints and send the instrument to Bangalore for resolving hardware issues which would take 15days.

    I am shocked that Blackberry sells phones all over India but instrument problems have to be referred only to Bangalore. I demanded a replacement as the instrument was within warranty period, had a history of problems and was defective in many respects. I am yet to get a response and under compulsion may have to move the consumer court.
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    This is not a Vodafone India complaint forum. RIM is obligated under agreements to replace defective units, but only if a customer asks for it (in your case Vodafone India). You have a problem with Vodafone not RIM
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