1. newbatthis's Avatar
    I have an e-mail attachment in docx format - the e-mail was mistakenly deleted from the e-mail on my computer - but I believe that I downloaded it on my phone (but unable to read) - where did the download go and is there a way to tether my phone to the computer and pull the doc up in word to view? For some reason my computer doesn't recognize the phone when it's plugged into the computer (I don't see it as an additional drive?) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    08-02-11 06:11 PM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    If you downloaded and saved the file (on your media card, for example) you should be able to open it with Docs to Go. But if you just "viewed" the doc and subsequently downloaded the email on your PC, which is likely to be set to delete from the server on download, then you cannot recover the doc because the source is no longer available on the server.

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    08-02-11 06:25 PM
  3. newbatthis's Avatar
    thank you - you're right, I only viewed I didn't download - lesson learned! you were very helpful, thank you again
    08-02-11 06:54 PM
  4. jbeachy's Avatar
    Welcome, sorry your document has disappeared. Since it was an email in the first place, perhaps the sender could resend?

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    08-03-11 01:31 PM
  5. trucky's Avatar
    You might want to check your email Trash. Often a deleted email is not really deleted but sent to Trash for a period of time. A lot depends on the email client and system you're using.
    08-03-11 02:02 PM