1. blydude's Avatar
    I recently got a Bold 9930 to replace my beloved Bold 9000, and everything's working great except for one issue: VIDEO PLAYBACK.

    I've yet to get any converted videos running without lag/choppiness, even the ones that played perfectly smooth on my 9000. I'm currently using Any Video Converter Professional on the following settings:

    codec: mpeg4
    frame size: 480x320
    video bitrate: 512
    framerate: 24
    audio bitrate: 64
    sample rate: 44100
    A/V sync: basic

    I've tried a number of settings with various codecs, but none play smoothly. I'm not running any heavy background apps, I tried it airplane mode, I rebooted, and used memory clean, but no results. Any ideas?
    09-21-13 02:46 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    I found this info on OS7 devices and vide, Maybe this can help you get the convertion right (or even not need to convert at all in some cases):

    09-22-13 10:06 AM

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