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    Not sure if there's a lot of you all who travel abroad a lot, but this mainly goes out to BB users in the military or business users. Just wanted to make sure that it's common knowledge that Verizon has an awesome global data plan and email for $70, I've personally looked on other carriers websites and called and no one else has anything touching this plan without you spending a ridiculous amount of cash for a small amount of data. Of course you can always unlock your BB but if you wanna keep it in house this is pretty awesome. If not anything just having the peace of mind you're not data watching overseas.
    09-04-11 07:12 PM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Are they still offering that plan?

    I thought they discontinued it some time last year.
    09-04-11 07:19 PM
  3. Supervillain24's Avatar
    No you have to ask for it, they have it for business customers. I literally was on the phone with them last week and the guy offered it to me. The only thing is I'm going to a place where their coverage is offered.

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    09-04-11 07:46 PM
  4. princealyy's Avatar
    We had this on our plan for about 2 years. Verizon has cancelled the plan and you have to talk them into it.
    09-04-11 08:09 PM
  5. SassyD's Avatar
    Who qualifies as a "business customer"? Someone who owns their business? I get a company discount through work... is that enough?
    09-04-11 08:10 PM
  6. Craterz's Avatar
    If you're a business customer, they may still offer it. However, if you're not that plan was discontinued a couple/few months ago. For myself, VZW did change my data plan when my contract ended. Now I have two data plans, I find it hard to explain so bear with me. I have an unlimited "web/email" plan, coupled with a global data plan. Combined they add up to the same $70 ($69.99) unlimited global data plan I had before. The biggest difference is that now the global data plan does have some sort of cap on it. I want to say its 250MB, but not really sure. I have spent the last five months in Asia and have not paid any extra for data. Phone calls on the other hand... that's another story. Anyway, my data plan is rather goofy but in the end adds up to the same old $70 global data I've enjoyed for years.

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    09-04-11 08:14 PM
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    Wow definitely didn't know it was discontinued.....what makes it so weird is that HE offered it to me. I don't have to deploy for a couple of months but if they pull any shadiness I definitely have the call recorded lmao

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    09-04-11 08:38 PM
  8. xBlackBerry's Avatar
    I think its $30 for the 75 mb of data and $70 for 250 mb now
    09-04-11 08:50 PM