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    Hello all. im new to this so sorry if ive posted this under the wrong area.

    Ive been running my blackberry bold 9000 on 02 uk flawlessly. However im interested in getting it working on the three network ( UK)

    ive managed to make calls off it but i cannot seem to get my internet working off it.

    was also hoping to get my emails working

    does anyone know how to get to the connection settings on the handset and edit them so it works for data use on the three network?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    12-16-08 04:40 AM
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    tcp/ip settings (for a 3 contract phone) are

    Options > Advanced > TCP/IP

    APN address : three.co.uk
    Username : guest
    Password: guest

    I assume you'll need to contact 3 to get a blackberry data plan if you plan on using BIS.
    12-16-08 04:46 AM
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    you star will give this a try and let you know the outcome. thank you sooo muchhhhhh.
    12-16-08 04:52 AM
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    3UK don't have any blackberry tariffs yet but should have shortly.

    Using the APN settings above you should be able to run the Opera Mini browser for internet use. You should be able to run the GMail application via this or perhaps Yahoo Go

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    12-16-08 04:54 AM
  5. anon(1522652)'s Avatar
    You should be able to run most things out of the box, such as GMail, Google Maps, Opera Mini, Facebook (though it will not give alerts until you sign up to a BIS/BES service), and Yahoo Go!. Things like BIS and the like wont work until 3 pull their proverbial finger out and make their BB servers live. The only app so far that I have had to use the details above is Flycast.

    The guy at the 3 Shop in Bluewater (always a trusted source lol) claimed that the Bold is on their stock list for the first quarter, so the BIS servers should be coming online soon.

    EDIT: correction on setting the APN details. Seems you don't have to set it up in 185 but you do in 210 to 214
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    12-21-08 04:55 AM
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    Hey thanks a lot for the above advice.I tired that but cant have any luck as the set is saying browser configuration needs to be done-it suggest to contact the network provider.When I call 3,they are saying that I cannot access internet on black berry as 3 uk does not support one.
    Please let me know if there is any other ways around just to browse internet.

    01-01-09 02:01 PM
  7. anon(1522652)'s Avatar
    Osminik, are you using the Storm or the Bold?
    01-02-09 02:47 AM
  8. osminik's Avatar
    I have got a storm,but since being unlocked,the browser has vanished
    01-02-09 04:18 AM
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    Excuse my ignorance, plus I'm across the pond anyways, but is this... your on a carrier O2 for phone... But you are running data on another free network carrier by the name of "3 Network"??? Or am I just lost in space?

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    01-02-09 04:28 AM
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    PvT. I'm guessing that osminik is switching from o2 to 3UK (a carrier that does not yet have Blackberry Data Plans), they aint free either lol

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    01-02-09 06:12 AM
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    I was with vodafone,had my phone unlocked,but since then no browser,even though can use the phone to make calls & txt. Followed the link

    I dont know what happened finally.
    Anyways,can some one please help me to get internet access on storm by using 3 pay monthly sim


    01-02-09 06:19 AM
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    Your best bet is to install the Opera Mini broswer (via desktop manager) and run it with 3's APN settings entered onto the device.

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    01-02-09 06:23 AM
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    Hey thanks a lot for that adviser,done that & I can do browsing now
    still cant do messenger-any,but am on it

    thanks a lot for help though
    01-02-09 06:58 AM
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    PvT. I'm guessing that osminik is switching from o2 to 3UK (a carrier that does not yet have Blackberry Data Plans), they aint free either lol

    Thanks Hazysky. Just me being curious on what you got going on over there in your neck of the woods.

    Like the saying goes; "Curiosity killed the cat" Good think I'm not a cat


    Peter from British Columbia

    01-02-09 01:12 PM
  15. chimpusmaximus#CB's Avatar

    I have recently bought a Sim free bold with the idea of running in on the three network. Out the box i was able to get the browser etc working but then released that i needed BIS to allow me to get mail etc. As this is not an option with three yet i looked at hosting for a BES account.

    I have this setup and been given details of how to activate but now find that it fails when trying to connect "A service connection is unavailable". Do i actually need a BES data plan or would i expect it to work ok on a normal data plan(Dont work across wifi either).

    A part from this i have everything else working on the phone including a number of 3rd party apps that collect mail and IM.

    02-10-09 07:55 AM
  16. phillzy's Avatar
    hey osminik
    im having the exact same problems as u and its driving me cccccrrrrrrrrrraaaazzzzzyyyy! i cant even find the opera mini some one help me plz????
    03-18-09 04:58 PM
  17. bbpremier's Avatar
    They have a BIS Site now. I cannot post the link as I do have more than 10 posts

    If you google search blackberry 3uk it's the first link

    h t t p : / / bis . eu. blackberry . com / html ? brand=3uk

    (just remove the spaces)
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    04-03-09 07:14 AM
  18. chimpusmaximus#CB's Avatar
    If it helps i have managed to get my sim free Blackberry working on 3uk fully using Bis. I talked customer services into adding blackberry addon to my account and all working perfect. So Blackberry and internet for a fiver a month... Not bad at all.
    05-09-09 03:53 PM
  19. THEBESTOK's Avatar
    Would that add on give unlimited email too chimpusmaximus? Time to disconnect from o2
    08-03-09 02:03 AM