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    Hi All, i have just installed PBTask manager

    and have noticed that it says i have USED RAM 99% and flash used 66%

    My Used ram being 99% what does this mean? I have 30odd meg free for application storage and My media card has 7GB free.. I have only a few programs running in background i.e leave it on and batteryex and bebuzz...

    Could this be the cause of my phone running slowly with a specific theme when other users report its fine?

    (P.S i have quickpull and have memoryup pro, do memorycleanups everyday...)

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    07-13-11 06:52 AM
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    My input is, almost every bb site calls bull on apps like MemoryUp Pro... All they do is call up a native function on your device (some apps do have a few more features), so people usually pay for something the berry already does in the background.

    You have a 9700 right? On ~30mb free? That's ~11% of your memory which is not. much when you start running apps.

    I'd suggest you backup (Desktop Software), wipe the device, grab the latest OS ( I say) and shink the **** out of it using BBHybridsTool. Shrinking rule is simple: if you don't use it, never saw it or don't like it, shrink it out.

    Load the shrunk OS, load your backup, load your apps/themes (manually or from a backup) and you should still have ~60mb and a device that's running well.
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    07-13-11 07:28 AM
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    Thanks for the advice... Yes i have a 9700 and the latest OS .600, I have now removed a few programs such as berryweather etc and its now displaying it has 62% used RAM...

    I will defiently go home and shrink the os later tonight, The one thing i seem to have trouble with, i dont know if you do is, when i restore from bbask (Applications) I have to re-iput the license codes/settings and also redownload blackberry app world.

    Memoboo is showing that i have 100.8mb ram free, and 130mb total, Batteryex showing i have 95mb RAM free, and 67M/280 FLASH memory free.

    I hope this helps.
    07-13-11 07:36 AM