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    So, the inevitable has happened and my Bold won't charge through the usb port anymore. I don't have a warranty, and I'd like to attempt to fix it on my own. I'm planning on ordering it form sw-box.

    Thing is though, I don't know how to replace the port. Do I have to desolder? has anyone ever done this before? Any help/feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    03-24-10 10:52 AM
  2. oz1421's Avatar
    The usb port is welded on, and unless your soldering skills are good I don't think it will be an easy fix. I would first try calling some repair shops to get some rates. Ebay has a few.

    I am personally no good in welding, but taking apart phones is really easy.
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    03-24-10 11:18 AM
  3. NoahFecks's Avatar
    You say it won't charge through the port, but does it still work (does a PC recognize the phone when it's plugged in)? Has the port become loose? The only reason to replace it would be if the existing one is actually damaged in some way. Other than that your problem could actually be software related. As stated above, replacing it is going to be difficult if that's what actually needs to be done.
    03-24-10 11:24 AM
  4. JDMEVOIXMR's Avatar
    I see. It works sometimes, it depends on the cable. When I buy a new charger, it works for a little while, and then it gets loose. And the same thing happens again when I buy another charger. Lately I've just been charging it on my dock, but the $13 OEM Blackberry Car Charger I bought doesn't charge it anymore.
    03-24-10 02:29 PM
  5. cmolson's Avatar
    It seems weird that buying a new charger would work for a little while and then stop - and that buying a new one would fix it temporarily..

    I have to think that the usb port on the device is damaged in some way.

    It would be easy for someone with half-decent soldering skills to find out, even replace the connector for you.

    The Bold 900 is easy to take apart, and the USB connector is perfectly visable and replaceable with the right tools. Depending on how it is damaged, reflowing the solder might work just fine, if the solder connections have cracked/disconnectd. It would also explain why it works sometimes and not others.

    Do you know anyone in your area that could look at it (with soldering skills)? I can't think it would be too expensive for a local cell phone repair shop to fix either.

    I have not desoldered a USB port on the blackberry before, but I have done it on other devices (surface mount). I have also fixed a broken vibrator on a blackberry. I could definitly help you out if you have any questions about it.
    03-25-10 07:38 AM
  6. JDMEVOIXMR's Avatar
    I think it's the usb port...has to be.

    As far as soldering goes, I've soldered wires to a DS lite ribbon cable, if that matters, but I really have no experience but I have steady hands...ugh. Why is it so hard to desolder a usb port? Why would it be so risky? I remember soldering onto that ribbon cable was VERY risky because I could possible melt the cable. No shops around me..darn it. Thanks a lot for offering your help, you're a good help to this Blackberry community sir.
    03-25-10 11:00 PM
  7. FusionFix's Avatar
    Desoldering a charge port from a blackberry and resoldering a new one back on is not something someone without experience should attempt. What usually happens is a pad is pulled from the board (pads are the small metal plates the pins from the charger port are connected to) and if you pull a pad from the board you're in a big mess as the repair on a phone with that issue is very time intensive and expensive. If you want it done right at a good price have us do it for you! We do it at a very low price so maybe it will be worth your while to have us do it for you.

    We fix them through our ebay repair listings for $38.95. Just type "blackberry charge port repair" for your ebay search and look for the listings with "PORT REPAIR" around a charge port in big red writing. Our ebay username is "its-a-pheo" We have fixed hundreds of them and complete the fix the day we receive the phone from you. Feel free to PM me with any questions at all.
    06-10-10 01:27 AM
  8. Roger Quimio's Avatar
    I want to know the how i can repair or repalce the charfing pin on my blackberry torch 9800
    07-08-13 11:01 PM
  9. Roger Quimio's Avatar
    Yes I tried three good charger and it wont work
    07-08-13 11:02 PM
  10. rayporsche's Avatar
    You could always get a 'cradle charger', if you are sure about the USB port issue. I've always use a cradle to charge my phone, no plugging hassles........................................... ... you can get a cheap one on eBay.
    07-09-13 08:17 AM
  11. rayporsche's Avatar
    Something like this:
    07-09-13 08:30 AM