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    hi there,

    I hope somebody can help!! Just to let you know i am no stranger to repairing blackberry phones but this one has stumped me. I'll explain why and what i have done so far.

    I was helping a friend over the phone to unlock his blackberry bold 9780 password as he had forgot it. I told him to enter blackberry 10 times to do a wipe and remove the password. In the process of the wipe happening the phone died. So i told them to leave it on charge over night and it should charge then wipe the phone and reset to OS. They contacted me the next morning saying that there was a flashing red light and it was not charging anymore. So they went out and bought a new battery for it. When the battery was inserted it started to boot up but when the line reached under the E on the word blackberry a white screen appeared with ERROR 513 on it. now i know this means it needs a new OS installed which is not the problem.
    The problem is that it will not connect to any of the pc's that i have i just keep getting USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED which is driving me up the wall as i know the phone works but i cannot get it to connect to anything.

    [B]What I have done so far and has not worked - [B]

    1. Uninstalled Blackberry desktop manager 7.1 and reinstalled and rebooted pc.
    2. Repaired Blackberry Desktop Manager and rebooted pc.
    3. Modified Blackberry Desktop Manager and rebooted pc.
    4. Tried connecting the bold 9780 with several different usb cables.
    5. Tried on all the USB ports on both pc's (none are hub's) front and back.
    6. Tried the App loader it doesn't pick the phone up.
    7. Tried BBSAK it doesn't pick it up.
    8. Tried JL_Cmder it doesn't pick it up.
    9. Tried Calfix that doesn't pick it up
    10. Downloading Bold 9780 6.0 OS and installing to the pc but it didn't work.
    11. Downloaded and installed extra usb drivers for blackberry phones but no avail.
    12. disconnected the pc from power cable for 5 minutes but it did not work.
    13.Tried to update the drivers to the unknown device by going to C: Program files/Common Files/research in motion/ USB drivers/ RimUsbNT and that didn't work
    14. The bricked/nuked tutorial does not work because i cannot connect it to the pc.
    15. Updating windows drivers for usb slots

    i feel like i have tried everything i have come across. Does anybody know anything else i can try???
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