1. Wmsi's Avatar
    Tried a couple of cheap usb cables into a couple of chargers and into my PC, the 9900 doesn't charge. The PC gives best results as it does keep the charge at times.

    Do I need a really good quality USB cable or something?
    12-09-20 06:34 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    You might need a new battery....

    I've had "a" cable not work... and I do avoid cheaper cables with today's newest devices. But an old 9900, shouldn't need what today's phones need for quick charging and fast data through-put.
    12-09-20 07:56 AM
  3. Mobile120's Avatar
    Hi if you search for a powerbank, i have a good article for you. It's in German, but you can easily have it translated. https://www.kaufberater.io/powerbank-test/
    12-09-20 09:30 AM
  4. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Hi if you search for a powerbank, i have a good article for you. It's in German, but you can easily have it translated. https://www.kaufberater.io/powerbank-test/
    Power bank won't help if the battery isn't working, USB connection isn't working or the Charging module isn't working.

    If it's just the cable... not needed either.
    12-09-20 09:40 AM
  5. Lukas2435's Avatar
    As Dunt Dunt Dunt already said a normal charging cable should work. Maybe try to not charge it on your PC but in a socket? And check whether maybe the cable is the issue and use the cable to charge other devices
    01-20-21 01:38 PM
  6. idssteve's Avatar
    usb ports are subject to debris, wear, corrosion, etc Sometimes some cables make, and keep, better contact than others. Trial & error is one "solution". You might jiggle & hold the connector with force in varying directions. I've been desperate enough to identify a pressure direction and arrange objects like shop towels to keep contact. Ridiculous desperation when options are limited. lol

    Next step will be attempt to clear any pocket lint, etc, that might be in the port. Vacuum or compressed air might clear things like lint. Keep in mind that handsets really aren't designed to tolerate much, if any, pressure or vacuum. Turn shop air pressure WAY down and hold handset way far away from air nozzles or vacuum hoses. ayor applies.

    Next comes attempted cleaning... I favor a contact lube like Deoxit Gold. For usb AND for battery contacts. Carry their felt tipped applicator with me for all sorts of com port type connectors.

    One of the many nice things about our Bolds is charging options! These things were designed for users who MUST communicate! For use cases where failure is a VERY poor option! As such, charging your Bold can be accomplished thru other options. Bolds include "old fashioned" external charging contacts. To be used in a charging cradle. something like this: (see below)

    Amazon no longer carries these but they're still on ebay.

    Next option is to charge the battery itself in an external spare battery charger. I've powered my 99s with spare batteries for so many years I'd hate to guess whether my Bolds' usb ports even work! Spare JM1 batteries for 9900 occupy FAR less pocket space than "power banks" . 9900's 1.2GHz processor gets that masterpiece rebooted in under 3 minutes after battery swap. That's zero to 100% charge in UNDER three minutes! Have yet to see a "modern" "rapid charge" "toy" challenge that. lol.

    External spare battery chargers look something like this: (see below)

    of course once you have a spare battery charger, you'll want spare batteries. Powering thru battery swaps is what I do exclusively. True wireLESS freedom!

    All of this stuff was under $10 a couple years ago. Finding that price range these days will demand some searching.
    Attached Thumbnails Which USB cable to charge from PC?-b005lomwi8_blackberry_9900_charging_pod_70614647_1.jpg   Which USB cable to charge from PC?-31uho61vj4l._ac_.jpg  
    01-24-21 06:00 AM

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