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    .706 is newer than .461.

    Search this part of the forum and you'll soon find the links to download the firmware, and how to update.

    Personally I use .666 as it works best for me. You will see links here to even newer versions released. Go read this thread about .749

    Yes, you can install any OS from any country and any carrier. Just remember to delete the vendor.xml file.

    Before starting it is a good idea to use Blackberry Desktop Software to backup the phone. Though, generally when you do an update the backup and restore is done for you as part of the process. But always better safe than sorry.

    You will see many "How to upgrade" guides around. An example being the post I wrote here:
    08-08-13 09:44 AM
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    .749 is available for bharti airtel?
    Every Blackberry Bold 9780 firmware release works on every Bold 9780. All you need to do is remove those one (or two) vendor.xml files to make it generic firmware.

    Oh, and obviously, when those download pages ask for your details so they can spam you - just enter duff data.

    Thanks! for your interest and your valuable time
    Glad to help the community
    08-11-13 08:24 AM

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