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    I just upgraded to OS 5.0 like last week. And I run my own business and like to keep notes and to do lists in the notepad. When I went to were it should be it wasn't there, I have looked everywhere for it on my Bold 9000. I have tried to see if I could get if from Blackberry app world... no luck. I have tired to do a restore... no luck. I have tired to see if I could add it from DM... no luck. Please help I really could use my notepad......
    05-20-10 11:02 PM
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    Do you mean "memopad" app in the applications folder? Just making sure... If so, you can add it using dm. Don't understand why you can't. Do you still have the OS installed on your pc? Try dm again, and click 'advanced' ...see whether you can see memopad in there...

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    05-21-10 10:00 AM
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    Memopad has been a selectable option when installing the most recent 5.0 builds -- it was probably de-selected when you were upgrading and you didn't notice it.

    I believe you should be able to add it back with App Loader, but since you said you upgraded last week, the surest way to get it back would be to upgrade to the latest version of 5.0 that came out this week, i.e., It's hands down the best 5.0 that's been released. Just make sure you see that Memopad is selected when you install it on your Bold.

    Edit: Tasks (which some people -- perhaps you -- use for To Do lists/reminders) is similarly selectable, so make sure that is selected as well just in case.
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    05-21-10 12:33 PM