08-31-11 07:52 AM
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    OK, just to add to this post! I upgraded to the 9900 and will do some testing with the battery over the next couple of days.

    So far I noteced that not all my spare Blackberry chargers work with the new 9900 This sucks for me as we have loads of chargers plugged in at work that I use to charge my 9780 and every charger I have had home normally go's for a walk when the kids use them and dont put them back!

    Did a quick test last night;

    9780 was at 25% charge
    9900 was at 20% charge (out of box)

    Put them both on the side and in the morning the 9900 was dead and the 9780 still had 20% charge.. Going to give it a full charge today and then see how it goes.

    08-31-11 05:37 AM
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    08-31-11 06:13 AM
  3. rayhead's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, I was looking at the "ENRGIZR - XP4001" Power Pack.

    This is a UK power pack.....

    08-31-11 07:52 AM
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