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    Nice to see this FINALLY being added to Blackberries:

    One of the things I have always wanted RIM to add to the BlackBerry OS has finally been added! Until now you needed to install a third party app if you wanted to easily add an email address or phone number to an existing contact. Well fret no longer. One of our readers pointed out to us that their Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 has the ability to add information to an existing contact right in the OS. We confirmed this on a couple of other Rogers 9900s including one of our writers but do not have confirmation from other carrier devices yet so let us know.

    Source: BerryReview
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    08-15-11 06:53 PM
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    I could of used that small but very useful feature today actually on my 9780. Bye bye copy & paste.
    08-15-11 06:58 PM
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    I didn't see it mentioned anywhere so thought I'd put it up.

    Should have been here years ago
    08-15-11 07:00 PM
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    That was actually my biggest shock. My first and only blackberry 8900 did not have this feature. I know all the power users need syncing capabilities,security etc but the lack of this feature was HUGE let down for me in terms of efficiency for adding numbers and email addresses to my contacts. Surprised that did not have this on any phone after the 8900. I am looking forward to it on the 9900 on AT&T
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    08-15-11 11:58 PM