1. BlackberryFan2009's Avatar
    An unsual icon appears on my BB 9700. Can someone help?

    A new icon appeared on my email icon for my AOL. Its a small picture of an envelop with a ribbon wrapped around it and the envelop is yellow colored. Its a small one placed right in the middle of where the AOL envelop is.

    Can someone tell me what this means?
    06-24-10 02:57 PM
  2. coolguy78240's Avatar
    It is really hard to figure out what it is exactly with out a screen shot.
    06-24-10 03:00 PM
  3. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    Its probably just the new look of the message icon for aol... MSN and hotmail just recently did this too.
    06-24-10 03:01 PM
  4. eschielke's Avatar
    I have been seeing this with my hotmail account. It seems to come and go with battery pulls.

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    06-24-10 07:13 PM