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    Doesn't work on any protocol and doesn't even see anything except some private networks I've never heard of. I was under the impression that if it were a band issue, it would not work in 4G, but would in 3G or lower. The SIM card IS a Virgin Mobile SIM card and works in my 9700. Can anyone shed some light on this?
    10-03-13 04:38 PM
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    '4G' HSPA+ and 3G are on the same band, and simplistically put, the former is just the latter on steroids. Unfortunately, your TMO 9900 just doesn't have VM Canada's 3G/'4G' bands. So the best you will see on this phone is 2G....that is if VM Canada has access to Bell's GSM 2G network.

    Edit: just as I suspected, Wikipedia confirms that Bell does has a CDMA legacy network. This is why this all-GSM 9900 can't jump on the network.
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    10-03-13 08:35 PM
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    For what it's worth, the T-mobile version is the same Version Eastlink is using and probably some of the other independent Canadian Carriers.

    When Bell went GSM, they went straight to 3G and HSPA+, and didn't have a legacy 2G network like Rogers.

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    10-06-13 06:45 PM

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