1. The_Ark's Avatar
    I bought an unlocked rogers blackberry bold, and using it curretly on fido (i have the city fido voice plan from a few years ago and didn't want to give that up) and using the blackberry BIS service that was offered to customers last year (not available to new fido uses today).

    my question is this: will my blackberry bold lock up to rogers network again when i update it using the rogers update?

    please advise, thanks.
    10-14-08 03:43 AM
  2. oyeputtar's Avatar
    dont worry chief! if its unlocked, ur good...just make sure that everytime you update, u delete the vendor.xml file before starting the update before.

    blackberry 101...take a lok at it...its a good thing u asked these before causing any issues...with the vendor.xml,i believe u cant install the upgrade...so always remove...unless its a Tmobile build...but do it anyways...better safe that sorry
    10-14-08 04:02 AM
  3. The_Ark's Avatar
    Thanks for he heads-up oyeputtar!

    I deleted the file in question and proceeded with the firmware upgrade.

    Everything went smooth, and i've been using the latest firmware now for a few minutes and i've already noticed the faster browser response.

    i'll report back if i experience any problems

    thanks again
    10-14-08 07:52 AM