1. biz_n_beats's Avatar
    Maybe it's me but:

    I've got this icon that I don't recall seeing when I originally purchased my phone.
    When dialing a number, there's a rectangle with diagonal stars(?) from left to right.
    This symbol is left of the speaker and volume icons.
    Does anyone know what this represents?
    04-16-10 10:09 PM
  2. syllableslayer's Avatar
    It represents the phone equalizer setting. You can adjust this by going into "enhance call audio" during a call.

    If the stars are flowing upwards, treble is increased. If it is flowing downwards, bass is increased.

    I hope this helps, friend!


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    04-16-10 10:15 PM
  3. BergerKing's Avatar
    That is your Enhanced Call Audio indicator. You probably hit the L key during a call. Next call, you can hit L again to make it go away, or Call Logs>Menu>scroll to Options>General Options>Enhance Call Audio-set to Normal.

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    04-16-10 10:19 PM
  4. biz_n_beats's Avatar
    Thanks alot syllableslayer & BergerKing.
    That's exactly what it was! So there's an equalizer for phone calls?
    I've got lots to learn about this [awesome] phone!
    04-16-10 10:41 PM
  5. rn9700's Avatar
    had the same exact "issue" today...thanks guys!
    04-21-10 06:06 PM
  6. zitoman01's Avatar
    Just posted a new thread with this same question. Then I found this thread. Duh! Thanks!
    04-26-10 01:01 PM