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    I'm setting up my new 9900, upgrading from a Torch and having a problem with importing Outlook calendar events in a way that the 9900 search function can work properly. I have 9 years of events on the calendar and search is only picking them up in a sort of random access. I'm a doctor and need easy access to find all past appointments on my BB when I do a house call.

    I'm on a BES and when I activated the exchange account, only the past 60 days of appointments appeared with future appointments. So far, normal. As I did with my Torch, I then undid wireless calendar sync and did a USB sync with outlook, getting 9 years of events loaded. Then I turned wireless sync back on.

    Now, when I do a universal search of a name, I'm only getting some of the calendar events, not all, and they're in random order. Plus no future events come up. The strange thing is, all the events are on the 9900 butare just not showing up in search.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    08-23-11 10:10 PM