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    Is there any possible explanation why my 9650 Bold was unexpectedly wiped...no apps were lost, but all my Contacts, Email and Calendar entries were lost. (I am on a BES w my employer but its my personal phone. They insist they don't conduct remote wipes.)

    My Bold was in my holster, I pulled it out to check email and I briefly recall seeing a white screen and some sort of error message..."J.. Error" (something or other) in small black letters. I didn't think twice when I saw it and did a battery pull - after the unit rebooted I was left with a partially wiped Bold.

    Is it possible that I could have clicked some sort of keystroke sequence that would have accidentally caused a Wipe?

    I have been able to get everything reloaded from the BES, so I am OK. However, I'd like to know what I may have done wrong. I've never had anything like this happen before - I'm on my 3rd BB and overall, I love them.

    Any ideas on what I may have done?
    07-05-11 07:35 PM
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    I doubt you did anything to wipe your BB. It would take more than an accidental key press to do so. Being on BES I would suspect that someone did "something" and either don't know they did it or won't tell you they boo-booed.
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    07-06-11 10:26 AM