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    Everything working great when I went to bed and I was listening to iHeart radio as usual. Woke up==have unecxpected errors coming out the ying yang. 22, 88, daemaon, BB messenger. PHone absolutely will not work, multiple battery pulls, hooked up to laptop-- will not connect to BB desktop. Was able to remove some photos and an audible book. Can't find anything else to remove. Am sick about this-- love this phone and heading to Europe in 10 days and need it to work. Have not installed any new programs recently. Do not use BB messenger. Use Mail, Texts, and had taken a photo last night of a CLOWN in an unexpected place.. is that the problem. HELP!!!
    08-07-11 11:18 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    If you made a recent backup, I would recommend wiping and reloading with BBSAK. If you're running an old version ( or 4xx, or or 4xx or 5xx) of the device software, an update might be best. Try the reloading, then see if it works. If not, you'll need a warranty exchange if nothing else can be done to revive it.

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    08-08-11 03:27 AM