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    i would like to share my impression so far about blackberry products, and i need a help..
    and please forgive my English

    i used to be buy only Nokia phones, i really liked my E71/N900.
    but right now i do have a shop, and a website with 4000 member, so i need a slim device with heavy security, so i ended up buying playbook and bb9900 bold.
    the playbook is awesome by all means !

    but bb9900 is a nightmare !
    i believe RIM released a faulty OS to some 9900 devices.

    3 days i've been working so hard to fix my bb9900 problems.
    i even done security wipe to fix Blackberry ID login issue
    after that i plugged my device to my desktop software, it shows there is a new update, so i ended up downloading it and the result was error 507 my phone wont boot, i managed to restore it to factory default.

    right now my 9900 working fine, except the most important part which is Email.

    so here's my problem:
    am trying to create an email
    wataniya.blackberry.com (my carrier)
    whenever i try to create a BIS account i get this error: Your account is not accessible via HTML browser. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service.

    i used my device and try to create an BIS account, i got the same error.
    searched all the web for any solution.

    and the solutions from blackberry's wont work in bb9900
    such as KB14380 / KB14378
    taken from KB14378
    Click the Setup Wizard or E-mail Settings icon.
    Press the Menu key and click Create User Name.

    in bb9900 its called email accounts, and when i press the menu button inside i cant create user name.

    i did contact my phone provider, they did confirm about BIS plan is active on my phone, but they had no idea about why am getting this error, they did mention that many bb9900 users facing the same problem.

    inside email setup, i can setup yahoo/gmail they work just fine.
    but i want to setup my own email.

    so when i chose Other email, i cant create a new one.
    because i have to make a BIS account first, and assign my email setting from there

    i did mess around in all email setting and check all option inside, i cant find a way to create BIS account from bb9900

    by the way, my gf bb is an old module i did enter her mail setting she is able to create BIS account and everything from her mobile unlike bb9900.

    according to blackberry website, they said ur getting this error because ur device on Automatic login, So is there a way to stop automatic login ?
    or is there a way to create a BIS account from my bb9900
    and for the love of god why there is none 3rd party app as Email Client in app world.

    thanks in advanced ^ - ^
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    Did you activate a Blackberry data plan? A regular data plan will not allow your blackberry to function correctly.

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    I had the same issue with my 9810 and thus my 9900 when I switched back to Blackberry. My old BIS login at the website had been deactivated and I couldn't create a new account to manage my mail through the web interface. You can set up a @carrier.blackberry.net address in the email setup wizard in the Setup function of the phone, as well as add your existing email accounts in there. Just select Internet Mail Setup and go from there.

    It looks like BIS/email setup is now tied to your Blackberry ID now, whereas it wasn't back in the day. I still haven't figured out if I can manage my account from any Blackberyr website anywhere since. I even checked the Blackberry login site for your Blackberry ID with no luck. The biggest pain is putting in long signatures on the phone for email accounts, but if you just send yourself an email with it, and do copy/paste, its not so bad.

    Did you activate a Blackberry data plan? A regular data plan will not allow your blackberry to function correctly.

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