1. sarre_song's Avatar
    i've been trying for days now to connect my new work email account (OWA) to my 9790 but it refuses to work.
    i already manually keyed in all the information under the owa option, i have checked my password, checked that the owa url is correct, but whenever i try to connect, my berry just refuses to and tells me to check that my email, password and username are correct.

    i've tried setting up from the web carrier thing as well, but after i key in my pin and whatnot, my carrier simply tells me that it cannot be done on a browser and i have to use the email setup function on the device.
    this is So frustrating. all my colleages with iphones and androids can effortlessly connect and sync.

    i've been browsing around and some older threads suggest that if there is an ISA in place, then the bb wont be able to connect. is this still the case? (there Is an ISA in place) and if so, are there ways to work around it?

    would appreciate any help! thanks!
    05-23-13 12:04 AM
  2. canuckcam's Avatar
    Try putting in the domain before your username, I had to do that... eg. domain\username
    05-23-13 12:12 AM
  3. sarre_song's Avatar
    already did so. i tried it with and without the domain, doesnt work. i've tried practically everything including the http and https thing, none of it works..
    05-23-13 12:16 AM
  4. canuckcam's Avatar
    Here are my settings. It was the "corporatedomain" I got hung up on the first time I tried to configure OWA for BIS. The email server required "/owa" although I've never needed to add that on when accessing it through the web.

    email server: https://webmail.domain.com/owa
    email account: username

    email account name: emailaddress@domain.com
    reply to: emailaddress@domain.com
    username: corporatedomain\username
    05-23-13 03:39 AM
  5. sarre_song's Avatar
    i Have tried the /owa at the end too. it doesnt help
    it doesnt ask me for the fields you typed though, all it wants are:
    email address
    outlook web access url
    mailbox name
    05-23-13 03:46 AM
  6. canuckcam's Avatar
    There's an advanced settings tab on the BIS website interface. Are you using that or the email setup app on your BB? Unfortunately I dont have an older BlackBerry handy to verify settings on it directly. But those were my settings from the BIS website.

    Posted via CB10
    05-23-13 12:22 PM

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