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    My dad is getting the 9700 because the MyTouch Slide was too complicated for him. I'm trying to find some stuff to help him. I'll start off with the manual and initial setup on the device, but what are some other good resources? The CrackBerry 101 guides are good, but are a little dated.

    Also, what are some good apps? He doesn't need BerryBuzz if you're going to rec that. The only two apps I'm sure to put on are Slacker and Google Maps, as he enjoyed the two on those devices. Google Maps probably won't be of too much use to him though as the voice nav isn't available on BlackBerry.
    07-05-10 10:21 PM
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    The list is endless. Espn, movies.com, dictionary.com, pandora, poynt...

    Some other goodies are meterberry, quicklaunch and BerryWeather.

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    07-05-10 10:58 PM
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    07-05-10 11:12 PM
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    I'm trying to help my father. I'm looking for other things than the BlackBerry 101 guides because while good, they're a little outdated. I know how to use a BlackBerry, he doesn't.
    07-05-10 11:20 PM