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    Hey all, sorry if this has already been covered but I've searched and not found any answers (had my BB since December and haven't found an answer)

    Compared and followed many tutorials, tried both from the device and from a computer to no avail.

    Using my old Iphone I could get my owa college email easily using microsoft exchange, now using the blackberry I cannot.

    In the setup I enter the details and it says email or password's incorrect so I enter the details myself and it says contact service provider.

    I've checked and checked again the owa address is correct and my username/password are correct.

    Do I need my college to have BES inorder for this to work? If so why can I access exchange on Iphone and not Blackberry?

    Furthermore, I cannot set up a forwarding rule to my Blackberry or other email accounts because the feature is blocked as a security measure by the IT staff and two of them have Blackberrys and have the same problem so no help there really.

    Thank you
    07-13-11 09:10 AM
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    Yes, you need to talk to your college about BES. RIM handle Exchange in a different way to Apple. Involves extra RIM software sitting on the Exchange server. Added complications then come in as RIM will charge the college a licence to use their Blackberry services.

    (I worked with a UK ISP to help get it up and running for them. Well, when I say "worked", my client was one of the early subscribers so we went through all the early trouble shooting steps to get the ISP's service working smooth. That extra licence was a frustrating cost, and what stops many other Exchange server providers from supplying Blackberry support)

    If the college doesn't have BES, then you will have to drop back to IMAP\POP instead.
    07-14-11 12:56 PM
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    Thank you very much for the info, how do I use Imap or pop with an owa account
    07-14-11 01:41 PM
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    I'd ask your friendly IT staff on campus for the settings. Those other Blackberry guys must get at their mail in some form.

    They will need to give you the POP or IMAP address of the server as well as a SMTP server to use. You would then login with your normal email address and password.

    If your college has a FAQ for setting up "normal" email on a PC\Mac then this may well have those details included.

    This would at least give you email - but you would not get access to the calendar\contacts\etc and could only work with that by synching with a desktop PC somewhere which was running Outlook.

    TBH - your best bet is to get those College IT Support guys on side and push them to find the budget for RIM BES on their server. If they are already Blackberry users, you have got some chance... all depends on the IT budget.

    (Note: I am not a BES expert - the above is based on experience as the client of an ISP)
    07-14-11 01:48 PM
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    Thanks I'll get on that, POP and IMAP aren't push are they? They're what services like hotmail and yahoo use? Yeah they're getting a BES set up the year I leave, because UK college is equivalent to Junior and Senior years of high school, I assume when I go to Uni they'll have BES though as it's a much bigger institution
    07-14-11 01:53 PM
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    I am in the UK. Though when I went to University we were still on JANET, Tim Berners-Lee was still coming up with http and the internet was still four or five years away from being something for public access.

    POP and IMAP are the "normal" old fashioned way of accessing email. If you have a decent ISP they will have given you those kinds of settings for setting up their mailbox on your PC at home. It is what you would use with Outlook if you did not have Exchange Server settings.

    They are not web interfaces like Hotmail.

    As you are on BIS with your mobile phone company, this works to push POP or IMAP at you. All handled by your mobile phone company and their Blackberry software.

    Just ask a Tech at college for POP3 or IMAP settings and she should know what you mean or be able to point you at a FAQ.
    07-14-11 02:10 PM
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    07-15-11 09:55 AM