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    Hello people!

    Right here's the thing, I've owned two blackberry's before my current Bold 9870, a Curve 8900, and a Torch 9800. With both of these handsets I was able to change the OS or what not to handle Thai languages. So I thought doing this to my bold would be a breeze, clearly not the case. Firstly, I download the device software from the Blackberry website (I'd like to mention at this point that I tried various different versions, one from an Indian carrier, a Thai carrier, a few more asian ones, and one from Vodafone UK which is my provider) all with either All languages or East Asian languages. All is fine until the point where I search for the softwares in the Add/Remove application menu. I installed all the device software as usual, nothing shows in the menu.. so I browse my computer to find the software and wait while it loads, then the desktop software gives me the error 'No additional applications can be found. Your file might contain applications that already exist in the application list, are not compatible for your devise, or have errors' I've tried literaly 10 times now and to be quite honest its pissing me off, so help would be realllllllly appreciated, im sure its just something simple, but i've never dealt with this issue so I am clueless....
    08-06-11 03:37 PM
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    K so I have just managed it LOL but for anyone experiencing the same issues, I'm not sure how much this will help you but it helped me, probably quite silly of me, but turns out my v.6 software was the newish 2647 or what ever, but i was downloading ones below this, so make sure the firmware your downloading is the same as, or above the one you currently have, silly me eh....
    08-06-11 04:12 PM