1. niblips's Avatar
    My wife has a small treble clef notification on her 9700 main screen and she can't figure out how to clear it or even what it might be for?
    Does anyone know what she needs to do to clear it?
    07-03-10 04:35 PM
  2. A93hunt's Avatar
    Can you post a picture? & I have a feeling it might be for a 3rd party application.

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    07-03-10 04:51 PM
  3. niblips's Avatar
    it's really small and hard to take a pic of.
    it's dark and doesn't show verywell....
    it does have the red asterisc in the upper right corner, like she needs to do something... but what?

    the treble clef is blue and the background is black
    there is also a music note on it.....
    07-03-10 05:02 PM
  4. PrincessCanuckBerry's Avatar
    Does she have a radio or music ap? Check in BB app world under my world and she if there is an update for something. It might be a 3rd party app update notification

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    07-03-10 05:21 PM
  5. dictoresno's Avatar
    its one of the dozen or so user chosen BBM Group icons. among others are a smiley face, football, suitecase etc. tell her to check her BBM group that she belongs to. its usually a picture someone commented on that went unchecked. look at the image below to see the examples of the rest of them. thats the one you are talking about right?
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    07-03-10 05:59 PM
  6. niblips's Avatar
    Thanx dictorenso.
    Yes, that's the icon... i'll let her know and hopefully she can figure it out.
    07-05-10 07:51 AM