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    Hi, I am planning to do an OS upgrade, the last time after I create a backup file it never restore my phone book, I will like to know if there's a way to transfer my phone book contacs into my SIM card, thank you =)

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    05-21-10 05:30 AM
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    Yes you can but it is a painful process in that you can only do it one by one you can't transfer all at one go.

    Here's how:

    Go to your contacts
    Select/highlight contact
    Hit menu button then view
    Put your mouse on the number and not the name
    Hit menu button
    Scroll down to copy to sim phonebook

    05-21-10 06:41 AM
  3. NetworkGuy's Avatar
    However remember that in copying your records to your SIM card, you are only going to copy the name and the phone #. All other information will not come over.

    You may want to reinvestigate using Desktop Manager to make a backup of your phone. If you need to restore your complete address book, this is the way to go.
    05-21-10 06:45 AM
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    That's correct, copying to SIM does not copy all the other info.
    05-21-10 06:49 AM
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    Thank you guys!

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    05-21-10 10:38 AM