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    I was just wondering if it would at all be confusing to use the trackpad and touchscreen together (obviously not at the same time, but a user who uses the trackpad half the time and the touchscreen the other half in order to navigate around the devices homescreen, web browser, apps, etc).
    Flicking down on the trackpad actually scrolls down, while to scroll down with the screen, you flick upwards. Going from left to right/right to left are also obviously opposite actions when it comes to using the touchscreen vs. the trackpad. So... For those who have the device, do you find yourself randomly making mistakes like this or getting confused when trying to navigate?
    Or is the consensus that when you get the phone you really pick one form of nav and stick to it for the most part (only really use the touchscreen, barely use the trackpad and vice-versa)?
    Or... Are there users who use the touchscreen only in some apps and use trackpad only in others? (browse the web with touchscreen, but navigate the homescreen with the trackpad, etc).

    This may seem like a dumb thread, but it's late at night, the idea crossed my mind and I was interested to see what the replies will be like, so please don't hate...
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    I find myself using the screen half the time and the track pad the other half! For internet viewing and app clicking I use the screen, as well as scrolling down large lists. But I use the trackpad for finer stuff.

    They go hand in hand, and compliment each other more than confuse! You'll be hard pressed to get any complaints about the phone from me!

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    I think I've found a balance between the two navagational systems. The screen is very responsive and smooth, and the trackpad is productive and percise, great for clicking small links (although I always zoom in with the screen to click them )

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    I know this sounds dumb, but I haven't taken the protector/plastic off my screen yet. Right now it seems like if I use my thumb to click, its off by a half a CM or 2.

    I'm hoping this is an issue only if the cover is on?

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    08-14-11 10:55 PM