1. jpr196's Avatar
    Hey All,

    My trackball has been acting up for about 2 weeks now and is getting progressively harder to click. It still scrolls fine, but the clicking is to the point now where it is frustratingly difficult to get it to respond.

    My bold is about 18 months old, so well out of warranty. Based on my research, this seems like it can be fixed with a replacement of the trackball dome(?).

    My question is, can I walk into an ATT store or cell phone accessory store and find a replacement part or do you normally need to order these online? Is this a fairly simple process or should I have someone with experience fix it. I'm not a super-handyman but I'm not a complete ***** when it comes to electronics.

    05-19-10 02:52 PM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    It's pretty easy to change. I'm not sure that ATNT stores are like up there but You should be able to get a trackball.

    Lots of videos online with step my step tutorials on how to change a trackball.
    05-19-10 02:54 PM
  3. brew99's Avatar
    If it doesn'r click, then as you suggested it is probably the trackball dome. This is the little gold button part that the trackball pushes down on to make contact as a switch. Replacing the trackball alone will not fix this.

    I don't beleive the ATT stores (or any carrier store) will go this deep into the device. They will probably send it away for repair.

    I have done this fix on my bold, but I would only suggest it if you are comfortable with disassembling phones/electronics. There are many youtube videos which run through the disassembly of the phone, but I'm not sure if there are any down to the dome level. The little dome buttons can be purchased at the major online supply stores or ebay.
    05-21-10 01:09 PM
  4. djtrent04101's Avatar
    It's almost certainly the 'dome' as someone posted previously. Buy the part online and follow instructions for replacing trackball on youtube. The extra step is replacing the dome underneath the trackball. I just had to do this about a month ago. I'd never opened up a piece of electronics like a bold 9000 (and I had to do it about 5-6 times to figure out it was the dome not the trackball itself), but all is working well now. You have nothing to lose because it's miserable using the phone without a working trackball. Good luck.
    05-21-10 03:20 PM
  5. mnemanov's Avatar
    mine was not clicking because of all the dirt under the ball assembly.

    I cleaned it out and now it clicks, so indeed (at least in my case) it was the trackball assembly and not the 'gold button'.

    but I still want a new ball. does anyone know if the ball sold on shopcrackberry works for the 9000? (the 9000 is not listed, and the ring is obviously not applicable, but is the trackball assembly itself the same?)
    05-24-10 02:15 PM