1. moodie's Avatar
    Yesterday when i took my blackberry bold out of my pocket, though it worked for the first few seconds, it all of a sudden became completely unresponsive to scrolling in every direction. When i move it it still makes that clicky sound, and is still responsive to clicks, but for some reason scrolling just wont work, and so im stuck trying to navigate without the trackball, so i can only make calls.
    I tried cleaning it and also tried upgrading the OS, incase it was a software problem, but nothing worked.
    Anyone know what might be wrong?

    06-14-09 03:17 AM
  2. skyjackal's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that. Once in a while mine will stop working in one direction, which happens to quite a few people here. When it does happen, I turn the phone off, use a bit of lens cleaner with a microfibre cloth and give the trackball a good (but careful) workout in all directions for about 5 or 10 minutes. That works for me. If you have already tried that, or something similar, and the other options you mentioned you might have to consider turning it in for another phone. Also try the popular battery pull if you haven't already. Good luck and please post your results.

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    06-14-09 03:47 AM
  3. charlie100's Avatar
    If its still in warranty,send it back.If its out of warranty its very simple to take it apart,6 screws,a bit of wiggling and your done.The chances the trackball is actually "broken" are slim.Its made up of a ball and 4 rollers,chances are its just dirty.Give it a good clean,you can even take the trackball apart(carefully),done mine plenty of times

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    06-14-09 06:05 AM
  4. tazziedevil's Avatar
    Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the ball and roll it around for a bit. Helps keeps the oils from your fingers from gunking up the trackball.

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    06-14-09 07:43 AM
  5. zkyevolved's Avatar
    I get this problem about once every 2 - 3 weeks, on EVERY blackberry i've ever had (except the storm) I guess I have oily hands! hahaha. But yeah, I don't turn it off, I put it into standby so any touching and moving of the ball doesn't affect it, and put some alcohol (rubbing, not vodka ) on a cleaning cloth and press hard (not too hard) and rub A LOT. and if I'm not home, and it happens, I just rub it with my shirt quickly for 20 seconds and it's good to go, too. on the other BBs it was easier to clean the ball...

    Why'd that make the bold so hard to clean? it's not cool...
    06-14-09 07:58 AM
  6. moodie's Avatar
    hi again,
    sorry forgot to mention, already tried cleaning it with alcohol. and the weird thing is, it just suddenly stoped. it was working perfectly, then all of a sudden it wouldn't work anymore.
    and its still under warranty, only had it for a month so far, but i'd prefer not to change it, this is already my 4th blackberry since september, and people are getting annoyed i keep changing my pin.
    Anyone know if a factory reset might help, or if i should just change the trackball?
    06-15-09 10:43 PM
  7. rush0's Avatar
    change it while u can
    06-15-09 11:51 PM