1. Broly's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I'm wondering if any of you have issues trying to use your thumb to navigate on the touch screen?

    Specifically, I have the plastic covering on it still and I'm wondering if that's the reason that the touch accuracy is off by half a CM.

    08-15-11 12:37 PM
  2. Fnord's Avatar
    No issues. I also still have the plastic covering the phone came with on and accuracy seems fine.

    Unfortunately. not aware of a calibration option...
    08-15-11 01:15 PM
  3. 123berryaddicted's Avatar
    I am totally lovin the touch. Mine has NO issues, very responsive, very accurate.

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    08-15-11 01:20 PM
  4. MattH60's Avatar
    I've been playing with my friend's 9900, and it's really nice. I like the touchscreen batter than my iPhone.
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    08-15-11 01:35 PM
  5. Broly's Avatar
    It's with sites that have small fonts like wapforums.crackberry.com

    What's the default font size for you guys in browser and theme?

    It's 6 for me in the oS and 22 for the browser.
    08-15-11 03:31 PM
  6. Fnord's Avatar
    I'm on 16 for the browser. I don't find the 9900 to be any less accurate than my Torch was. That said, I tend to use the trackpad when going for a link that has others next to it. That or zoom in 1st then click...
    08-15-11 04:04 PM
  7. badger906's Avatar
    its about as accurate as any captive touch screen. but ive had one issue, i cant click the little tick boxes on the connections drop down menu.. i have to scroll down with the track pad to click the likes of bluetooth.
    maybe thats my fingers though but i dont exactly have the chunkiest thumbs lol
    08-15-11 04:55 PM
  8. OniBerry's Avatar
    The touchscreen has been very accurate for me since I purchased the 9900.

    I love the screen.
    08-15-11 04:57 PM