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    I'm having a weird problem in my emails on my 9930. When i touch-hold/hover over the emails, its suppose to pop up with options for the email but it only works on some emails and not others.

    So lets say i have 10 emails, the hover will work on about 6 of them and the other 4 it does nothing. When i go to any other application that uses the hover, like bbm it works fine. If i pop out my battery and put it back in, and go back to my email app, the hover will now work but not for all of them again. So using the example above instead of working for 6 of them now it may work for 8 of them, but one's that it didn't work on before it will work now. Its not a major issue but pretty annoying as i'm switching from the storm2 and used that option a lot in my emails.

    Anyone else have this issue or have a resolution?

    08-26-11 08:40 AM