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    hi friends, was wondering if you could help me out how to download torrent files through my blackberry. thanks' am waiting for your replies

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    06-26-12 12:47 PM
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    You cannot run an exe on a BlackBerry or seed, so no torrents for you.
    06-27-12 05:37 AM
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    okay thanx bro.

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    06-28-12 11:30 PM
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    does anyone even make a torrent app?
    06-29-12 03:24 AM
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    does anyone even make a torrent app?
    uTorrent has an Android app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.utorrent.web
    06-29-12 11:10 AM
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    07-24-12 03:31 AM
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    does any body have the app bbtor
    05-22-13 06:22 AM
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    I never understood the reasoning of downloading torrents to a blackberry. What can you do with them on your phone? The data transfer speed would be so slow wouldn't it?
    05-24-13 11:44 AM
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    I never understood the reasoning of downloading torrents to a blackberry. What can you do with them on your phone? The data transfer speed would be so slow wouldn't it?
    Not only that, but the nature of Torrents is to share via uploads. So you'd hammer your data quotas. Far more sensible to use a PC to download the Torrent and transfer to the phone.

    I assume questions like this come from people who don't fully understand what a torrent is.
    05-25-13 10:05 AM
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    What ridiculous reasoning the haters have.
    1) Not everyone has a computer (I'm traveling ATM, for ex)
    2) Torrents aren't just applications
    3) My computer and my phone can both connect to wifi, so data quotas are not an issue
    4) This could be 2a, torrents can be video, audio, or ANYTHING ELSE that you could make use of on your phone.
    So strange.

    But some people just like to hate I guess. I tried aTorrent (from android) but it doesn't work, anyone find a working android app, or another method?
    Update: From another thread I learned that uTorrent remote (Android) and Torrent Time (native) should work to administer a remote client, but BitTorque (native BT downloader) was pulled by BB, but the dev is supposedly on CB.

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    05-26-13 05:34 PM
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    @sanaking: I don't know why you think we are "haters". That is a very weird choice of words. Yes, of course we know what torrents are. There is no debate about the pros and cons of torrents. We were just trying to find the guy an answer, and explain why he is unlikely to actually find a decent torrent utility for a Blackberry phone.

    Your second part of your reply makes the most sense. Using some kind of remote control utility for torrents which are running on an accessible computer would seem an ideal solution. Using the phone to offload the work to the PC and then being able to return to the PC once the download has completed. That is a trick I like the sound of.

    I can even see how you could achieve the above idea using something non-technical like Dropbox. If something like uTorrent is on a PC and configured to use a "watch folder" which happens to be in the Dropbox folder then all you would need to do from your Blackberry is find the torrent or magnet file and save that to the watched folder via Dropbox. Then uTorrent on that PC should be able to kick in and actually perform the download. Then once complete, utorrent could just copy that completed item back into the Dropbox folder.

    Very little configuration would need to be done. Just a bit of playing around with the Preferences\Directories in uTorrent on the PC.
    05-28-13 04:53 AM
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    Theres a great app for managing your torrents on your pc remotely, called Torrent Time and it's available on blackberry world

    Edit : mind you, this is only for BB10 as far as i know. I might be wrong though.

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    05-28-13 05:00 AM
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    tTorrent for android works flawlessly. I've been using for vids apps books etc and its all directly to the phone no comp required. Our phones are surpassing computers in specs I don't see why they are still lock down and unable to use their full potential. I have 3 gb data b4 throttle I hardly use because of limited capabilities of my phone. I like the Z10 but unless it becomes open as android I'm gonna stick with my android n give it away.
    06-26-13 02:54 PM