06-09-09 09:32 PM
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  1. Jino's Avatar
    06-04-09 07:41 PM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    Painted, or real Ti?
    06-04-09 07:44 PM
  3. Jino's Avatar
    Painted, I think. I ordered mine a few days ago. I'll let you know how it goes.
    06-04-09 07:48 PM
  4. david9962000's Avatar
    Does it have the stickers for the buttons or you have to transfer them?
    06-04-09 07:58 PM
  5. bt224's Avatar
    Looks better than the black ones.
    06-04-09 08:01 PM
  6. papped's Avatar
    Only question is does it look better on the phone. It could end up looking "off" compared to the rest of the black on the phone.
    06-04-09 08:02 PM
  7. bt224's Avatar
    We'll know once he gets it on.
    06-04-09 08:04 PM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    I don't think the Titanium goes well with the black phone. But we shall see.
    06-04-09 08:20 PM
  9. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    I'm going agree with forever29. I think it is going to look very off. Not sure its going to mesh well. Doesn't seem to come with buttons so your either going to use silver or black ones and neither sound like they would mesh well. I could be wrong but I am visuallizing it and...

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    06-04-09 09:26 PM
  10. thebeags's Avatar
    Looking forward to the pics...
    06-04-09 10:16 PM
  11. Xpimp's Avatar
    Yeah waiting for the pics also
    06-04-09 10:30 PM
  12. mdlissner's Avatar
    I'll be interested in seeing how it looks once the Ti Bezel arrives. Good Luck Jino!
    06-04-09 10:42 PM
  13. mad_vtak's Avatar
    Good luck, please update thread with pics when installed.
    06-05-09 12:05 AM
  14. digitalb0y's Avatar
    I want a bezel that's made of solid titanium

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    06-05-09 06:09 AM
  15. PRC's Avatar
    I returned my Pmonmon bezel yesterday, wayyyyyy too many imperfections in the painting process. Bubbles, smudges, no thanks.
    06-05-09 09:27 AM
  16. Manchungster's Avatar
    Ordered a bezel and got it, here are the pics

    Well, I need 7 more posts so, I guess no pics.

    If you want pics lmk.

    I have to say I love it. Used my black bezel buttons wit it and it looks pretty sweet. No issues, though I wish it came with buttons, etc. It did come with the mesh, so I didn't have to transfer that.
    06-05-09 11:06 PM
  17. snowindec9's Avatar
    i prefer the blend of the silver and black instead of the titanium. to me its all about keeping the way the bold was originally created. i would not ruin a gem like the bold's caliber by transforming it. thats just the way i am.
    06-06-09 12:15 AM
  18. thepolitician's Avatar
    i think the titanium bezel with the black buttons might have a good fit and would still look good (or maybe because its going to be different than everyone else's)...either way, i like it.
    06-06-09 01:12 AM
  19. Jino's Avatar
    Personally, I am sick of the black bezel. It's sooo three months ago.
    06-06-09 09:11 AM
  20. allcoast's Avatar
    How can we see some pics?
    06-06-09 09:30 AM
  21. fondoo's Avatar
    intested in seeing your pics also.
    06-06-09 11:03 AM
  22. Manchungster's Avatar
    CAn someone pm an email to send the pic links to, the site refuses to let me post links, due a low post count.

    06-06-09 11:24 AM
  23. avt123's Avatar
    Personally, I am sick of the black bezel. It's sooo three months ago.
    I still love my Blacked out Bold, and it's been way longer than 3 months lol.
    06-06-09 11:26 AM
  24. THEDLO's Avatar
    Personally, I am sick of the black bezel. It's sooo three months ago.
    lol tru! only u will rarely ( i never have ) run into someone with a black bezel. ull really only hear and see it here....i work in a mall and heve never seen a customer with one..
    06-06-09 11:29 AM
  25. Garz's Avatar
    Im curious to see the pics once installed. To me, it just doesnt seem like a big enough change.
    06-06-09 11:31 AM
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