1. snowindec9's Avatar
    ok here is the scenario:

    i have had my phone since december.
    my silver bezel has taken some hits and drops.silver paint is now showing its true colors by unveiling the black. i have tried persuading myself that the black paint will eventually mix in with the silver. so far its working. i really don't want to spend money on a bezel. the other thing is that i bought a phone cover in december for my phone and behold it is responsible for most of the scratches created.

    i would have thought rim would have used better strategies regarding the bezel. it looks so cheap.

    anyway im very strict when it comes to keeping my phone in super condition.


    any insight is welcome.
    07-08-09 04:01 PM
  2. MGV's Avatar
    strip the silver. black out your bold =)
    07-08-09 04:02 PM