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    This is a thought share that works for those having issues with setting up your email in BIS. Many individuals having a problem with the setup and not getting mail after setup, there is an alternative solution.

    First off what I have discovered is each vendor be it ATT, Verizon whatever seems to either limit the setup and or displays different setup screens. I am on ATT and it is easier than when I tried to help someone with Verizon/GTE.

    I occasionally had issues with delivery of the messages and had to resend the service books. Then I ended up with 4 message boxes.

    1. Messages

    2. Blackberry

    3. Company Email

    4. Personal Gmail account

    I decided that was just too many message boxes since the only one I really used was the single message box for reading all messages. If I replied it was defaulted to the BB messenger which if I wanted it to come from the other email servers I would have to open up the link to the service. For example, I use Gmail Mobile and can go in and respond.

    The benefit of using one message box is you can delete without having to answer more questions. I just read and delete and deal with the messages later or if necessary respond using the BB.

    As an example, I now just forward the messages to the BB account. Both from my Zimbra server and from Gmail. So far no problems with messages not being delivered and no redownloading of service books.

    So consider this another option for receiving mail. Don't know if this was posted before but I thought just in case I would post it.

    I am also posting this on Blackberry.

    Mike Cope
    08-21-09 04:43 PM