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    Hey, found the site while searching for 9900 reviews. Thinking of trying a blackberry, never owned one before and had a quick play with a friends 9780 was pretty happy with it love the physical keyboard.

    Bit of background on previous smart phones, iPhone 3G, Xperia X1, iPhone 4, Desire HD (current).

    My usage, i mainly message with my phone rather then calling so thought the 9900 would be a good choice. Didn't play much games when i had the iPhone(s) only as a time waster once in a while, only had a few apps (westpac banking app to transfer money when i needed, a courier tracking app tend to impulse buy a bit lol, facebook, a usage app for phone account and home internet, and a few more).

    Reasons i want to change from the Desire HD not a fan of the keyboard (iPhone one was much better), size of the phone is a bit too big, messaging with one hand if i reach for the other side of the screen the base of my thumb tends to touch, battery life, app quality compared to iPhone. Prob a few more, all i can think of off the top of my head.

    How is the new facebook app on OS7 (never used the older ones either) does it have all the functions of the full website and does chat work well? I don't mind the lesser camera of the Bold as i only use it for those random moments (thinking of getting a m4/3 camera). I can get by without the other apps listed but use FB a bit.

    Considering going back to a iPhone 5 but will be similar to the others i had (got the desire as wanted a change from iOS), would also be keen on the windows 7 Nokia when ever that's due.

    Just wanted to hear from people that made a similar switch, can't really compare as there different target groups, any suggestions would be great!

    08-21-11 10:56 PM