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    Hi guys,
    I read all over the Internet on this including on Crackberry forums and RIM's user website(Re: Keyboard stutter issue prevalent on 9780 - wha... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums). The reason I am posting a new thread is the time has passed since the first release of Bold 9780, is there anything that has changed?

    The issues were reported on:
    -Markings on the back cover looks like "stretch marks"
    -Screen damaged right out of the box

    So... any of you guys know that there has been significant improvement to fix those problems with 9780 so far?

    My brother wants to buy a 9780 and I told him not to buy because of the RIM's bad reputation on quality control of 9780. If they have improved since then, 9780 would be a great phone.

    04-28-11 11:06 AM
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    Hi guys,

    My brother wants to buy a 9780 and I told him not to buy because of the RIM's bad reputation on quality control of 9780. If they have improved since then, 9780 would be a great phone.

    Please make sure that your brother reads this thread:

    ...before deciding on whether to get a 9780. He may luck out and get a good one as many do. But there are so many in that thread who have gotten a faulty device only to return it 1, 2, 3, 4..... times only to get yet another device with the same stuttering issue. I think he should seriously consider asking himself how he would feel if he were placed in that same situation. Others in that thread got a 9780 that had no problems for weeks or months and then gradually started having this stuttering keys issue (almost as if as the phone parts wear down and then starts showing this problem?) Get another phone. Honestly, the 9780 may not be worth the aggravation.

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    04-28-11 11:42 AM
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    I guess it depends on where it was manufactured. Here in South Africa we get ours from Hungary (Hungary-2), only issues I have had is if I press the volume keys or lightly on the corner surfaces of the screen it presses on the lcd and causes a ripple affect. Although its not a 9780 issue only, from the same factory the 9700 has the same issue here. My phone works well though and it doesn't bother me much. Check where your carrier gets the devices from and google search for any defects related to that specific one.

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    04-28-11 12:43 PM
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    the number of people with problems doesn't represent the total number of 9780 owners.
    Remember you are in a Forum, where people tend to go WHEN they encountered a problem or have some questions. Those who don't have any are living their lives and don't even bother to post here with " All is fine and Dandy with my 9780"

    i do have a Rogers 9780 that i'm using with AT&T, never had any problem since.
    Another good example i can give you is with the Torch. Our family bought 4 units ( mine, dad and 2 brothers) None of us had any issues with it.
    We got those units when it was 1st released in the US ( Aug 2010).

    So be careful on how much weight you put on post/reviews. At the end of the day, you need to try the device yourself.
    04-28-11 02:32 PM
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    No matter what, RIM's hardware is not quite up to the standards that I remember it being just a few years ago. The repeating keyboard feature and RIM's lack of response to it even causes me, a long time Blackberry user, to wonder what is going on.

    To answer your question on the 9780, there is a greater chance of it having a defect that any device I have seen lately.
    04-28-11 02:40 PM
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    I've lived with a slight stuttering issue since I got my 9780. Recently more keys are stuttering and today I noticed that the paint on the back key is chipping away from the top. I went to a T-Mobile store and the rep looked at a T-Mobile internal web site to see if there were any problems with the phone and he did find an issue with the keyboard for BlackBerrys made before March 1st.
    04-28-11 04:26 PM
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    The issue with being able to answer your question is 2-fold:

    1) RIM has not even acknowledged the stuttering keyboard issue, so we don't know if they've addressed it in future batches of production

    2) If you decide to order the phone, you have no way of knowing in advance which production batch your phone will come from. So if the QC issue was addressed in later batches, you may receive inventory from an older batch that hasn't be sold through yet by the carrier/retailer. That's if the issue was even addressed by RIM

    My first 9780 stuttered out of the box, and now I have a 9780 unit that worked pretty much fine for 2 months, and started stuttering again like the 1st one.

    - I've noticed the keyboards have felt different on the 2 phones I've had, which others have reported as well, which is a little concerning. Some keyboards are more firm than others, some 'click' when you press keys, while others are quiet.

    Other complaints I've seen about this phone but have not experienced, are lose/jiggly trackpads, and keypads 'peeling' away from the housing. I don't think either of those issues are anywhere close to being as prevalent as the double input/stutter issue.

    If you want to test your luck with this phone, I would check with your carrier's return policy / warranty coverage first. If you're confident they would replace a defective phone for you, then you should be fine.

    Me, I'm waiting for the BB Bold Touch to be released and will ask my carrier to let me upgrade to that device. I'm hoping RIM learned their lessons with this phone, and will not repeat the same shoddy manufacturing problems with their release of that device. I imagine they have received a boat load of returned 9780's from T-Mobile and other associated carriers around the world. They're certainly losing money in the process. Also losing the faith of some BB owners. We'll see....
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    04-28-11 05:35 PM
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    Don't let him buy one!!!! This is my 2nd 9780 that has had the double key problem. As I type this I am waitting for my THIRD replacement 9780, which I'm sure will have the same problem, since the manufacturers justt keep sending out defective devices to replace defective devvices. I have tried every trick in the book and every suggestion I've read on forums, short of taking the phone apart myself, and NOTHING fixes this problem!! Its a manuufaacturing problem. Shame oon RIM for not addressing this problem and for not doing a recall. My word of advice to RIM, when you're competing with iphone and Android, yyou should make damn sure you're releasing a QUALITY phone. The 9780 is GARBAGE and that's where my THIRD replacement phone will probablyy be ending uup. I should of bought thaat Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. Address this issue, RIM aand stop ripping peoople off!!! P.S I got tired of deleting double key types while tyyyping this and just left tthem in. P.P.S. Ttthis is a sleek aand sexy looking phone but that's about it. The problems with this phone are NOT worrth it!!!

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    07-17-11 02:42 AM
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    At this point the 9780 is getting to the end or has reached the end o.f it manufacturing cycle. I doubt any additional units have been made and what is out there is older stock.

    The 9780 will always be known for a bad keyboard. Other than that it was a great device, but a bad keyboard on a RIM device is a horrible thing, especially when RIM never even acknowledged it.
    07-17-11 07:22 AM
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    Mine was flawless out of the box. No stuttering. No laggins issues, disappearing cursors, peeling paint what have you. However .. it's been going down hill since about february. The stuttering is getting to the point now where it double types more than single. And the keyboard is peeling badly too. "space" is now s<scratches>e. The lower left profile of "B" is also worn off along with the upper left profile of "N".

    Tell your brother "Buyer Beware"
    07-17-11 08:50 AM
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    My second unit (Hungary 3, manufactured Jan 2011) works flawlessly.
    The first one (Hungary 2, manufactured Oct 2010) suffered from the stuttering keypad and the wandering trackpad problem. Most of my friends are also using the 2nd batch of 9780 and have not noticed any problem with their devices.
    07-17-11 07:43 PM
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    I thought I was being picky. But I have the same issue too. I had the white 9780 but exchanged it for a black one. What I noticed is that the black one doesn't have good feedback when I type. The white one had much better feedback (spring back from typing) but the keys were much harder to press. I did not have this issue when I had the 9700. I had this issue when I had the Torch. But the Torch's keyboard is on a much thinner surface so I can see why there's less feedback. But the 9780 is the same style as the 9700. I notice a few keys are stuttering. This was the 2nd 9780 that I tested out before buying. The 1st one was worse. Any suggestions on what I should do? I still have 10 days of the date I purchased it. I wonder if this is the reason why the BlackBerry's are being made in Malaysia now. I don't recall ever having a great Made in Mexico BB. I still have my 9000, Made in Canada. That thing is SOLID. I never had to replace it.
    07-17-11 09:27 PM
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    I work for one of the major carriers and I've seen a few Bolds come in for the wandering track pad, but none for the keyboard stutter (yet).
    07-17-11 10:21 PM
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    I'm a big fan if rim and I love the candy bar form with qwerty keypad but this phone is for the pits.

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    07-18-11 03:41 AM