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    OK, I've completely lost all my marbles regarding texting on this phone. I started a few other threads regarding the phone's inability to handle long text threads.

    My phone has become completely unusable... with delays of 1 minute plus between texts... meaning the phone FREEZES and becomes unresponsive for 1 minute plus. This happens 10X more frequently than it did on my old 8650. So much for improved speed and memory. When it comes to texting, the 9930 is just as much of a dog as the 2 1/2 year old 8650... probably worse. Also, I am getting duplicate message threads. Averaging about 10-20 duplicates per thread. I have one thread that is duplicated over 50 times (all one after another)!

    So I'm going to give into the pressures of the many Blackberry fanboys that tell me this phone is not meant to handle a lot of texts... and that I should delete all the threads and start from scratch. All communication gone.

    Before I delete them off my phone, can someone please tell me if there is a 3rd party software that I an back up all the texts and have access to them in the future. There is invaluable information in many of these texts and I cannot afford to lose them. I can deal with them off my phone... however, I must have the ability to access them in the future. And please don't ask me to go into each and every message thread (I have about 150 on my phone with over 50,000 texts total) and save the ones I need. I need something more practical than that. Any help is MUCH appreciated.
    09-08-11 03:21 AM
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    Doesn't Blackberry Protect offer the service of backing up all sms texts and restoring them back? Similarly you can use SmS Backup from the App World to back them all up to your email provider. Cheers!

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    I bet the problem is from restoring the texts from your old phone to the new and having some currupt files. I say take them all off and start all new texts and don't continue any threads that were restored from the old phone. See if that helps with the lag and duplicates.

    Instead of backing up you should just restore the old texts to your old phone. You can search and access then through there easier than a computer.

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    09-08-11 03:54 AM