1. mademoiselle.leila's Avatar

    since like a month, all my text messages of 2 weeks old til 2010 are shown as drafts and they're blank ! meaning i can only read my recent text messages..

    i have tried battery pull
    i dont have any unnecessary apps
    i didnt do any update or any change

    i am running os6.0.0.448, platform

    thx for ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-30-11 03:32 PM
  2. Ssteffan's Avatar
    I had this happen to me, the phone is deleting them on it's own Accord, because it's told to...
    What you have to do is go into the main message inbox where emails & BBM messages go, click the BB button go to options then click 'message display & actions' scroll down to the bottom then select 'days to keep messages' > 'forever'.
    Very inconvenient & took me a while to find out what the problem was.
    Hope that fixes it for you!

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    06-30-11 05:07 PM