1. technaphobe's Avatar
    i have the bold 9780 and yesterday it was being really slow, so i restarted it-when it turned back on it said"uncaught exception:index 12>=12" dunno if this means anything?Anyway, the text message icon has completely disappeared, and i have tried battery pulls, its not hidden, ive reset default settings and i can't change the theme! if i search terms then my phone provides old texts with the term in it and i mangaged to send a text to my mum but i didnt think it had worked as my phone didnt come up with the new message in the convo.In the messages part also cannot seperate email and sms. and also cant recive texts. Please please please help!
    07-15-11 05:29 AM
  2. Kontakt7's Avatar
    How about wiping the phone; maybe that might help set everything back to normal?
    07-15-11 01:43 PM